Our Actions keep on via the Auchan Foundation

Aware that the factory workers seek opportunities in their work to improve their personal and professional situations even more, Auchan Retail decided to create “Weave our Future” Foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de France in June 2014 for a 5 years mandate.

Open to stakeholders, who share similar intention and conviction, Auchan Retail has provided the foundation with a €5.5 million of funds over five years, and co-build its projects in partenriship with recognized NGOs, local authorities or the ILO (International Labour Organization) to participate to improve the working and living conditions for workers in the textile and hard goods industries in the Least Developed Countries. With local business leaders, the Foundation tried to involved factory owners in impactful pilot projects in healthcare’s field as well as training.

An innovative approach, “Weave our Future” will strive to play the role of social laboratory with the ability to mobilize other partners around its efforts to tangibly and sustainably improve the living and working conditions for as many people as possible.

The Foundation has thus enabled the implementation of 16 projects in Bangladesh, 7 in Cambodia, and 3 in VIetnam for the benefit of several thousand men and women and their families, all monitored and maximizng their sustainability. One of the flagship projects is in Bangladesh, with GK Savar, support for the health protection of RMG workers, a pilot project integrated now to the national dialogue, with new stakeholders which guarantee the next 5 years support. Or in Cambodia, with SIPAR, which has enabled the establishment of 34 libraries resource centers within the factories themselves. 

Today, it is in the name of the Auchan Foundation that actions are continuing in India and Bangladesh, primarily for the benefit of factory workers for whom health-related programs via good nutrition will be developed. And always in the same spirit of co-construction with all local stakeholders, including local business leaders.

We invite you to discover the Auchan Foundation and the role of it’s Found’Actors, following this link : “Access to Good food that brings people together”.


Alain Reners 
General Delegate of Auchan Foundation

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