Access to Water and Sanitation

Partner Name :

Water and Life 

Status / Activity :

French NGO with a local office in Bangladesh

Project :

Improve the living conditions, healthcare of the people living in slums, and their families, nearby to RMG factory

Area of intervention :

Access to water, Hygiene, Fire prevention, training, sanitation, waste management

Location :

Bangladesh, Bashantek, Dhaka

Funding :

Weave our Future support :  500.000 € / 3 years  

Status :

Approved by the board committee of the foundation on November 2018.

3 years project from December 2018 to December 2021.

Covid19 Crisis

To respond to the emergency crisis, Weave Our Future has dedicated 30.000 € to Water and Life to give free access water, + maitain the regular activities of the NGO’s, to the benefit of families living in the slum of Bashantek, Bangladesh. 



Since 2010, Eau et Vie has been working in Bhashantek, a slum in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka. The social enterprise Shobar Jonno Pani (SJP) and Water and Life Bangladesh (W & L) are working hand-in-hand in the Bhashantek slum. SJP provides construction and maintenance of water systems in slums and is responsible for the distribution of running drinking water and collection of payments. For its part, W & L is developing training courses on hygiene, environment and fire prevention, and aims to strengthen neighborhood committees and set up sanitation, fire fighting and waste collection services. One of the targets of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 is to ensure, by 2030, access for all to water and sustainable management of water resources. In concrete terms, this means “we must not leave anyone behind”, theme of 2019. Auchan Dhaka employees voted to support a project of the Weave Our Future Foundation for the benefit of two slums in Dhaka, where more than 30% of textile workers. It will bring water and a sanitation system to nearly 1,000 additional families, thus completing the 1,700 families already connected.




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