Health Coverage – Pilot 1

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Medical NGO in Bangladesh created in 1972

Project :

Pilot Project on Health Coverage for 20.000 Garment Workers and their families 

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Panishail, Sreepur, Savar - Bangladesh 

Funding :

Weave our Future support :  1.273.000 € / 4 years  

Status :

Approuved by the board committee of the foundation on March the 11th, 2016'.

4 years project from July 2017 to July 2021.  Launching of the perparatory phase on May the 1st of 2016. November the 15th 2017 : Echotex Limited joined the project. February the 5th, 2018 : Masihata Sweaters Ltd joined. 

Covid19 Crisis : 

To respond to the emergency of the Covid19 Crisis,  Weave Our Future dedicated an additional budget 200.000 € to buy and deliver PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for 500 medical staff, to the benefit of several local medical NGO's :  : GK Savar, Badas, RTM, Shoho Joddha , +  1.500 staff from Dhaka city.

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This is an innovative and ambitious pilot project which will cover the health fees for at least 20.000 garment workers and their family in return of a very affordable premium. 

 This project, launched on November 15th, 2017 by the accession of the first industrial partner Textile: Echotex Ltd, and since February 5th, 2018 joined by the Masihata Sweater Ltd manufacturing site, is led by the NGO specializing in the field of health GK Savar, and co-managed by SNV Bangladesh. It is to date more than 16.000 workers who benefit from a coverage of the expenses related to the most common pathologies (exception for long term illness, addictions, ...). Moreover, a free care service within the medical centers of GK will be provided  24h/24h, and this will be strenghtened by a medical consultation once a week in the factory premises. The cost of the medicines will be covered for IPD. The medicine in OPD will not be covered under this premium. 

It will be monitored by the local consultant company : Research Training and Management International

The project in video"Health Insurance Pilot Project for RMG Workers in Bangladesh" 

Video of : Mashihata Sweater and the medical center of GK Savar in Panishail 


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