Health Coverage – Pilot 2

Partner Name :

Bangladesh Diabetic Association (BADAS)

Status / Activity :

Medical NGO in Bangladesh created in 1956

Project :

Pilot project on healthcare coverage for 5,000 RMG workers 

Area of intervention :


Location :

Narayanganj, Dhaka  – Bangladesh 

Funding :

Weave our Future support :  350.000 € / 4 years  

Status :

Approved by the board committee of the foundation on March the 31th, 2017′.

4 years project from July 2017 to July 2021. 

Five factories have joined the UHCP : Abloom Design,  february 2018 (810) – Lexel Knitwear,  july 2019 (600) – Pawla Knitwear,  september 2020 (712) – Radical Design,  september 2020 (871) – Time Sweaters,  october 2020 (1000)

Almost 4.000 RMG workers covered on October the 26th 2020 ! 


News : July 10th, 2019 : Lexel Knitwear joins the project ! 

After successfully finalizing a Micro Health Insurance project, BADAS, the largest NGO specialized in Bangladesh, set up another project to cover workers’ health costs of the ready made garment industry, in the area of Narayanganj (south od Dhaka), without the component of a private insurer. The overall objective of the project is to increase the global and universal coverage of health services with better disease prevention, immediate access to health information and services, and effective cost control.

The support of Weave Our Future, co-financed by the factory owners and BADAS, enable this pilot project to be runned with 5,000 textile workers over 4 years. It has the ambition to run by itself without payment of external funds at the end of the 4 years. It will be monitored by the local consultant company : Research Training and Management International. Two factories have joined the project, to the benefit of 1.500 workers