Menstruation and Menstrual Hygiene Management

Partners Name :

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation 

Phulki : Operational partner

Square Toiletries hygiene product manufacturer  

Status / Activity :

SNV is a non profit international development organisation, with a local presence in Bangladesh 

Phulki is a non profit Bangladeshi organisation

Square toiletries is a Bangladeshi private company 

Project :

Improve the availability of affordable SHRH services and products in the garment factories 

Area of intervention :

Health / Education (SRHR - Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights) 

Location :

 Bangladesh : Savar, Ashulia, Gazipur, Tongi, Narayanganj

Funding :

Weave our Future support :  100.600  € / 3 years  

Status :

Approuved by the board committee of the foundation on November the 16th 2018

3 years project from June 2019 to May 2022.  



In Bangladesh out of 43 million women, 90% do not use adequate sanitary napkins during their menstruation. A majority of them living in rural or urban areas use pieces of tissue as protection, resulting in many gynecological infections. This impacts their family and professional lives (fatigue, absenteeism, lower income ...). The "Menstruation and Hygiene Management" project brings together two highly recognized NGOs in Bangladesh working for the development of the most vulnerable people, especially women (and children). SNV has demonstrated its ability to identify women's health priorities  a project called "Working With Women"during the Phase I, and has naturally made a partnership with Phulki that, by its strong expertise in SRHR (Health and Rights sexual and reproductive health) in link with the textile industry is conducting awareness-raising activities in the field . The aim of the project is to improve the availability of services and products related to sexual and reproductive health and rights in garment factories. It is about offering a global solution of services, by raising the awareness of the Management on the menstrual hygiene, providing adapted hygiene products at low cost, by creating an economic system within the factory that is sustainable. The executive committee of the Weave Our Future Foundation, wished to support this initiative to access basic services that will be rolled out for the benefit of 7,500 workers over 3 years.



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