Healthcare Needs Survey

Partner Name:

Research Training and Management International

Status / Activity:

Local NGO specialized in health care field


Conduct a Health Needs Assessment in order to assess the current health facilities of RMG workers in Bangladesh and their needs. 

Area of Intervention:

Research Department specialised in healthcare


Bangladesh – Dhaka


Three-month project – Survey results: October 2015

The survey covers a representative sample of the population: men and women working in the Bangladeshi textile industry, selected from 20 factories located in the heart of the main production areas of Dhaka, Gazipur and Naryangang, producing for the entire world. Four-hundred (400) interviews will be conducted with workers, 20 with managers, 40 with doctors and nurses in order to identify the most common illnesses as well as the measures in place for access to healthcare, and lastly to measure the level of expenses incurred.

Weave Our Future will thus be able to lean on reliable, measurable scientific data in order to support projects addressing those needs.