Communication Kit and Interactive Application

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Status / activity :

International Solidarity Organisation

Project :

Strengthen learning within the Libraries Resource Centers through the development of new educational tools relating to Healthcare, Nutrition, Family Planning, ... 

Area of Intervention :

Education - Fight against illiteracy 

Location :

Phnom Penh, Kandal - Cambodia

Funding :

Global amount of the project :  64.320 € -  WOF Foundation funds this project initiated by the SIPAR with the help of Care Cambodia, Cambodian Women for Peace and Development, Open Institure, the Cambodian Ministry of Education, and UNESCO.

Status :

Validated by the Board Committee on 9th/12/16. In progress , deadline end of 2017



Within the framework of the Libraries Resource Centers in the factories, project co-financed by WOF,  introductory sessions to the different skills of practical life (health, hygiene, nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, mother and child health, family financial management ...) are animated by  trainers of a local partner of SIPAR :  CWPD with factory managers and peer educators. The tools (printed, audio visual and digital), content and methodology used come from different programs already existing.

The observation: 20% (in urban areas) and 40% (in rural areas) of the workers are illiterate. A partnership between UNESCO, the Ministry of Education and Sipar has been in place since April 2016 to design a literacy program destinated to the workers. A working group is set up within the Ministry comprising several NGOs concerned. The contents are being prepared and are completed to allow the opening of basic literacy classes in 4 pilot plants with a Library Resource Center launched in October 2016. However, since teaching time is limited to 60 hours, one hour a day for three months, it is necessary to provide pupil-workers with additional training Reading and Writing in playful form. It turns out that nearly 80% of the workers have a smartphone, so the creation of an Application of interactive and playful exercises (requiring 10 to 15mn maximum per night) in connection with the lesson of the day appeared very pertinent.

It is in this context that the WOF Executive Committee wished to support this new project which will allow the creation of a toolbox for the use of peer educators in charge of initiating their colleagues on the skills of Practical life in order to complement existing media. 10 briefcases featuring 12 "Flip Charts" corresponding to 12 themes of practical life (health, nutrition, family planning ...) will be made available within the BCR. At the same time, an application on smartphones will allow by the game to access interactive exercises of reading and writing related to the same themes.