Health services in Factory


Partner Name :

Planète Enfants et Développement

Status / activity :

French NGO with a local branch in Cambodia

Project :

Contribute to the improvement of the legal framework for factory health services in Cambodia

Area of Intervention :

Health, reproductive and maternal health, nutrition, hygiene, …

Location :

Phnom Penh, Kampong Speu – Cambodia

Funding :

Grant amount awarded over 3 years: € 180,000. The WOF Foundation co-finances, alongside the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), a project initiated by Planète Enfants et Développement, which works in collaboration with local civil society actors (GMAC, Ministry of Health , …)

Status :

Validated by the Board Committee on March the 31th, 2017. In progress , May 2017 to April 2020.

Planète Enfants et Développement (PE & D) project is based on the Cambodian government’s current initiative to develop a new legal framework and guidelines for the establishment of social services within the production sites. PE & D and its partners work together on issues related to reproductive and maternal health and early childhood, especially for Ready Made Garments workers in factories, including all stakeholders (factory owners, government, trade unions, employees, …). The overall objective is to contribute to the improvement of : legal health framework and the factory-based care services. Six factories are part of this pilot project, medical staff working in factories or in external health centers, peer educators to the benefit of 9,000 workers in the Cambodian garment sector.

News : January 20th, 2019, Kompong Speu Province, 

78 garment workers, factory infirmary staff and managers were gathered by the project led by the NGO Planète Enfants & Développement (, with the sponsorship of the Weave of Future Foundation, to promote Healthcare in the Cambodian garment factories.  

This PEER EDUCATOR DAY was the first time where health peer-educators and infirmary staff met together, from the 6 factories supported by the project. This project aims at supporting the factories in setting-up and making compliant their infirmaries, training their staff, providing free consultation services and sensitization program on such critical topics as hygiene, nutrition, sexual and reproductive health. In each factory, the NGO trained voluntary workers to become peer-educators: they are simple workers, production line managers or administrative staff, and all are willing to be involved to advise their colleagues about health !

Games (awesome bamboo game!!) and serious workshops were on the agenda: the objective was to strengthen the communication and collaboration between all these actors and to discuss about the successes and the challenges of the project. Our satisfaction: representatives of the ministry of Labor and ministry of Health attended, and appreciated the commitment and pride of these voluntary workers to improve their colleagues’ health condition.

This was a good opportunity for everyone to confirm that even in garment sector in Cambodia, Health is everyone’s business!



 Website : Planète Enfants et Développement